Have Control & Get Creative

Artists should control how their music reaches fans.

With Single, artists can run their own album presales, sell individual tracks alongside an album or set which songs are “Album Only.” You choose the street date, price and whether or not a track can be previewed before purchase. Thanks to Shopify's social integrations you can even sell music on Facebook and Pinterest!

Control your music with Single and Shopify
Report your Shopify music sales to Soundscan with Single Music

Get Credit & Stay Informed

Stay focused on what matters most - making music.

Single automatically sends your daily sales to SoundScan for inclusion on the Billboard charts. No need to run your own reports and submit the data yourself. We even support reporting existing physical pre-orders!

Get Paid First & Direct

Creators should get paid first - not the delivery person.

Why wait 45 days to get paid when the money could be in your wallet in 3? By adding Single to a Shopify store fans can support you directly and there's no minimum amount before getting paid. You could even sell digital albums at shows and have gas money for the next gig!

Fans pay artists directly through their Shopify store with Single Music. 
Know which fans bought your music on Shopify with Single Music

Know Your Fans & Own the Data

It’s your music - why don't you know who bought it?

By connecting directly with fans, artists are able to create lasting relationships that also provide insight into who is listening to their work. See your Top Fans, Top Songs & Top Markets and what fans have purchased from you in the past. You can export all of this information at any time or connect a mailing list service to contact fans about promotions or ticket sales.


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