You drive traffic to your website. Why do you send fans elsewhere to download your music?

Not only are you giving DSP’s a cut of your revenue, you’re also missing out on data that accompanies the sale. Who purchased a digital version of your album after they bought your new t-shirt? If 1,000 fans purchased the deluxe version of your album, where are these passionate fans located?

This is crucial information when planning releases, bringing on a producer, collaborating with other musicians, hiring a manager, getting radio airplay, working with a PR firm, and booking a tour.


One way to create your own web store is through Shopify, a powerful e-commerce platform packed with tons of tools for merchants. From invoicing, setting up a domain, building out a web store, managing products and inventory, fulfilling orders and handling payments - Shopify does it all.

But what about artists who already operate a store on their own website, or aren’t interested in a full-featured service?

Welcome Shopify Lite

Shopify Lite’s Buy Buttons help you to integrate your store with your current website - whether you use Squarespace, Wordpress, Weebly or built it entirely yourself.

This $9 / month service is a great way for artists of any size to manage e-commerce. It allows you to sell music directly from social media and provides a POS system so you can take your store on the road. Communicate with customers via messenger - to both provide support and even complete entire orders.

When paired with the Single Music app, Shopify Lite provides even more benefits for artists:

1) Physical & Digital sales reporting to Nielsen Soundscan for the Billboard Charts

2) Bundle a digital download with any product sold through your store

3) Release management tools including automated digital delivery on release date

Shopify Lite + Single Music = Freedom for Artists

Questions? Our team would love to chat.

- Joe