D2C Digital

Why send fans elsewhere when they want to support your music?

Turn your Shopify store into a music distribution powerhouse! Fans can now purchase the highest-quality audio straight from the source. Let Single handle your customer support and spend more time making music.

  • Sell Individual Digital Tracks

  • Built-in Audio Previews

  • Lossless & MP3 Downloads

  • Bundle w/ Physical Merch

  • Offer Instant Grat Tracks

  • Album Only & Explicit Notifications


Automated Reporting & Delivery

Stay focused on your music - we’ll take care of the tedious work.

Many independent artists don’t report their album sales because the process is confusing, convoluted, and time consuming. We’ve simplified reporting to a simple 30 second setup so artists have more time to focus on their career.

  • Daily SoundScan & BuzzAngle

  • Automatic Street Date Delivery

  • Cascading Track Releases

  • Instant Inventory Search (Reporting & Bundling)

  • Batch Tag Physical Releases

  • Multi-store Management

Promotion & Marketing

Bundling for the streaming age.

As digital sales decline in the age of streaming, it’s important for artists to keep fans informed where to find their music. With an ever changing array of streaming and social platforms, not only are fans constantly on the move, they’re more fragmented than ever. BoostLink Campaigns enable artists to promote their various channels with every single purchase.

  • Pre-adds, Saves, & Follows (BoostLinks)

  • Instant Grat Downloads

  • White-labelled Delivery

  • Sales & Reporting Analytics

  • Data Exports

  • Google Analytics Integration