Labels & Management

Increase your revenue by driving traffic to D2C stores.

Bulk Catalog Imports

Your store should be a home for more than just your latest release, and we’ve simplified the process of importing full catalogs to your Shopify store! Our bulk importing tool using industry-standard DDEX XML was designed to ease the burden of large catalog uploads by reducing time & development needs.

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Automated Chart Reporting

Even in the streaming age its important to make every sale count. Many artists don't realize that an individual album sale is the equivalent of ~3000 track streams in Billboard's methodology. Leave the tedious work to us with daily, automated reports for Billboard (Digital + Physical), Rolling Stone (Digital + Physical), ARIA (Digital) and OCC (Digital). Since 2018, we’ve reported over 5 million albums - for 63 #1 records - across these charts.

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Know Your Artists’ Fans

Quickly identify your artists’ superfans based on purchase activity from their stores. Single provides geographical heat maps and other insight capabilities to understand fans like never before. Generate more impactful sales & marketing opportunities by giving fans more of what they want.

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Accessibility & Accountability

We understand the complexity of the industry and the sensitivity needed to operate transparently within it. Single provides the administrative capability to grant access and visibility to “need to know” team members. Customizable billing data exports facilitate more convenient reconciliation opportunities at month-end, quarter-end, and year-end ceremonies.

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