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Sell Solana NFTs on Shopify with our easy-to-use suite of creator tools. No crypto needed to create or purchase!

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Digital Collectibles

Whether it’s signed or alternate album art, ticket stubs, or concert posters, fans are supporting the artists they love in the digital world. NFTs unlock a new world of creative possibilities and should be sold direct just like any piece of merchandise.

Simple Onboarding & Fan Experience

Our tools are user-friendly for artists to easily set up NFT releases, while first-time NFT purchasers will benefit from a familiar Shopify checkout system and a guided redemption process.

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Sell on Spotify & In-person

Existing Shopify integrations with platforms like Spotify and Tiktok, along with best-in-class point of sale hardware, provide a wider promotional reach for your online and in-person storefronts.

Safe, Secure & Familiar Transactions

All methods of payment supported by Shopify will be available to consumers - including credit cards & Apple Pay! Additionaly we utilize the Interplanetary File System or "IPFS" for hosting to ensure Single-created NFTs will stand the test of time.

Re-sale and Simple sharing

Our gallery page enables purchasers to share their collection on social media, and simplified onboaring for Magic Eden allows purchasers to explore the secondary market for their NFT.

Built on Solana

As a more environmentally-friendly blockchain with lower fees and faster transaction speeds, Solana has fewer barriers to entry and is the perfect solution for Single-powered NFT sales.

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