Comedians & Podcasters

Create direct connections to your audience by hosting your content somewhere you own and control.

Livestream Events & Video Rentals

Turn your store into a library of content for both premieres and any archived content. By hosting video content directly in your store as on-demand, pay-per-view or timed rentals, you can cultivate a fan or customer experience wholly branded and owned by you.

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Promote Your Special or Latest Podcast

Increase streams, pre-saves, subscribes, & follows with our BoostLink tool. Not only does every campaign include a shareable landing page, but you can automatically email your link list to fans who purchase from your shop. Promote your upcoming album or direct people to your new TikTok profile!

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Where should you tour?

Do you know who your biggest fan in Tennessee is? Or customer from California? What about the UK? Quickly identify your superfans or top customers based on purchase activity from your store. Single provides geographical heat maps and other insight capabilities to understand your fans or customers like never before. Generate more impactful sales & marketing opportunities by giving your fans or customers what they want.

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Upsell Campaigns

Promote featured products using Single’s Upsell capability. Select the items you want to promote and the complementary items that you want to trigger the upsell offer of those items. Then each time one is added to a cart, a pop-up will provide a convenient option for the additional purchase.

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