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Artists have sold over 1 million tickets with Single, generating more than $23 million in revenue.

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White-Labeled & Artist-First

By integrating video into your Shopify store, it's your brand that stays front-and-center - you won’t find our logo getting in your way. Our artist-only branding keeps the focus exactly where we think it belongs — on you, your music, and building your brand as an artist.

Sell on Spotify, TikTok, & more!

Using Shopify's vast integration library you can sell livestream tickets, music, and merch on a wide array of social channels. Increase your ticket sales by featuring your event on shoppable social posts and your Spotify profile.

Ticket Bundling

65% of tickets sold to a livestream event are bundled with physical items like t-shirts, vinyl, etc. - equating to nearly 80% of event revenue. By bundling items together fans are buying on the way "in" rather than on the way "out” like a traditional concert. Additionally, you can offer items for sale beneath the video player on our virtual merch table to further drive sales.

Timed Rentals

Use your store as a rental content hub for your fans by turning your livestreams or archival footage in to timed rentals. Choose a rental window of 1-3 days, which begins once the consumer starts watching. The fully self-serve, easy to use feature includes all the branding and data advantages of a livestream event!

Codeless Entry

We use Shopify’s built-in account system so your fans are creating accounts on your site, where they will stay. In addition, we monitor and block account sharing to ensure each viewer has paid for access. Your fans, your data!

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