Upsell Campaigns

Increase merch and album sales by promoting items prior to checkout.

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Demo Upsell Campaign

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Add this t-shirt to your cart to test an Upsell Campaign.

We're not actually going to ship you this shirt if you check out. 😉

Boost Your Sales

Encourage fans to support your newest album, latest merch designs, or upcoming livestream event by capturing their attention during checkout. Select which items you would like to promote and the products that “trigger” the upsell. Each time a trigger product is added to the cart a pop-up campaign will recommend additional items for purchase.

Upsell-only Discounts

Reward fans who purchase merch or other items from your shop with instant discounts. Fans are motivated by exclusivity and offering discounts available only through purchases in your store enhances your revenue opportunities. You can even discount albums to as low as $3.49 and they'll still count on the Billboard charts.







Conversion Rate


Conversion Analytics

We provide detailed reports that show how your upsell campaigns are converting, and which items are performing the best, allowing you to change tactics at any time.