How do I report physical releases from Shopify to SoundScan?

It's simple really...

With the resurgence in physical format sales (namely vinyl, but tapes too!?) it's important artists get credit for their self-distributed work.

Until now, if artists & labels wanted to report their Shopify sales to SoundScan they needed to submit manually or drop serious cash to have something custom developed.

Artists should be focused on what matters most - making music - not worrying about whether their sales are actually getting counted.

How to set up physical reporting:

1.) Navigate to "Report Physical" from the sidebar or Dashboard


2.) Search existing Shopify inventory for reportable releases and add to queue. 


3.) Select physical format and verify UPC (imported from Shopify)

4.) Submit for Reporting


Reporting Criteria & Methodology

  • Reports are automatically generated and delivered to SoundScan on a daily basis.
  • Only orders marked as fulfilled in your Shopify Admin will be eligible for reporting.
  • Based on the nature of the charts reports cannot be edited retroactively - double check UPC/EANs.
  • Digital releases powered by Single do not need to be tagged and will report automatically.

How are digital releases added to Shopify?


After you have uploaded all tracks and double-checked the release information you're given the option to "Add to Store".

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 1.40.48 PM.png

This is your last chance to edit release information before the metadata (titles, album order, etc.) is encoded into tracks. 

You do not need to manually create products in Shopify for your music - we’ll do that for you after confirmation!

Once ownership (or right to distribute) is confirmed, we will automatically create products in your Shopify Admin and publish based on the following criteria:

  • Releases with a past or same-day Release Date will be On Sale upon submission

  • Releases with a future Release Date will be published at 12am EST on that date

  • Presales will be published at 12am EST on the Presale Date and delivered automatically on the Release Date


Tracks are assigned the product type Digital Track and are only visible on album pages.

Releases are assigned the product type Digital Album - even if its a Single or EP

Note: You will see Presale and Scheduled releases in your Shopify Admin - they will not go on sale until the Release or Presale Date!

What is "Developer Mode"?

Go ahead. Break stuff.

Settings Shop Settings

The purpose of "Developer Mode" is to let artists, labels, or merch companies edit our template code without fear of something being undone in the future.

We understand that many people want their store have a unique design and we support our users ability to do so!

To balance our need to keep things up-to-date with the freedom of our users, stores in Developer Mode are sandboxed and do not receive automatic bug & feature updates.

Fret not devs! - all of our template updates are available on GitHub for you to merge into your custom theme at any time.

  • Templates
    • product.single.album.liquid
  • Snippets
    • single-ajaxify-album.liquid
    • single-track.liquid
  • Assets
    • single.css


Accepting & Declining Charges

We got bills to pay.

Each month you will receive an invoice detailing your sales for the previous billing period and the costs associated.

Shopify requires you to approve or deny these charges to make sure nothing nefarious is going on. 

To simplify this process you will receive an invoice email from us with this information and the link to review, but you can also find these invoices on the Settings page in the Artist Admin.


After clicking "Review" in the email or "Approve" via the Artist admin, you will be presented with this screen:


Please let us know if you have issues with your invoices or approving/denying charges. Fees not approved within 30 days of previous billing period may result in releases being removed from your store.

Need to uninstall?

How will releases display in my store?


During installation we slyly add a few template files to your theme to make all the magic happen. 

Releases will be displayed like the following example after being added to your store, but will automatically assume the colors and fonts you've already chosen.

  "Minimal" theme shown.

"Minimal" theme shown.

You are free to edit our code at your own risk, but be advised we cannot support custom changes you make. 


Need some special code or help installing in a custom theme?

We've partnered with the on-demand help specialists at Sixty to get you going!

Book a Single expert now!

How do I download my purchases?

Check your email...

After making a purchase from a Single-powered store you will receive an email with download links. You do not need a Single account to download your purchases and each link is valid for 3 downloads. After the download limit has been reached you will be prompted to contact our support team.


Once the download has completed, located the folder on your computer (Most likely this will automatically go into your Downloads folder if you don't choose a different destination). 

Note: this is a Zip file that will need to be unzipped.  If you don't have the software for this, we recommend WinZIP or 7-Zip


Note for iPhone & iPad users - due to Apple's iOS restrictions you will need to download your music to a computer and sync via iTunes.  

How do I set up a digital pre-order?

Set and "forget"...

Simply set the Presale Date to the day you would like the Release to be available for pre-purchase.

Releases will be delivered automatically to fans at 12am EST on the Release Date and marked as fulfilled in the Shopify Admin.

If you would like to offer Instant Grat tracks with your pre-order simply set the Release Date for those tracks to the same day as the Pre-Order Date.


Notes about Release Dates, Pre-orders, & Delivery:

Album and Track products will be created in your Shopify Admin immediately and published based on the following criteria:

  • Releases with a past or same-day Release Date will be On Sale upon submission
  • Releases with a future Release Date will be published at 12am EST on that date
  • Presales will be published at 12am EST on the Presale Date and delivered automatically to fans on the Release Date

What if my Shopify account has multiple stores?

Look at the hot-shot with multiple stores.

Shopify Partners, Merch Companies, & Labels may have multiple stores associated with one email and thats cool with us. 

When installing Single in a store with the same admin email we'll merge those accounts together.

The next time you log in you'll be presented with this screen...


You can also swap stores via the quick-select menu in the top left.


What are the Artwork requirements?

No Potatoes

Cover art must be in the JPEG or PNG file formats and in the RGB color space with a minimum size of 1400 x 1400 pixels and a maximum size of 2048 x 2048 pixels.

Do not include additional icons, download symbols, or logos as these will be encoded into the MP3. 

If additional symbols are necessary please edit the artwork or liquid files via the Shopify admin.

Why are UPC & ISRC required?

Short answer... organization & security.

Slightly longer answer...

We do not currently offer UPC & ISRC registration for Albums or Tracks, but digital aggregators like Ditto Music, Tunecore, and DistroKid will supply UPCs and ISRCs as part of their service.

Do my sales get reported to SoundScan?

Yes! - Single can report sales to Nielsen SoundScan.

Digital Releases powered by Single are automatically reported and included in our per-track pricing.

Physical Release reporting is an optional subscription and requires tagging of existing products in your inventory. 

Digital & Physical sales are reported automatically at 11am EST for the prior day and subject to certain criteria by Billboard & Nielsen.

 Example sales week. © Nielsen

Example sales week. © Nielsen


Brief overview of inclusion rules:

  • Albums priced below $3.49 during their first four weeks of release are excluded

  • Albums & EPs with 8 or less tracks are not eligible if the total price is less than the sum of the tracks, multiplied by $0.39

  • Physical Releases are reported upon fulfillment - not on date of purchase

  • Digital Tracks priced below $0.39 during their first three months of release are not eligible

  • Physical Releases shipped between Tuesday and the following Monday will be counted in the new chart week. This represents the Friday-Thursday sales week, but makes an allowance for shipping time/receipt by customers. Week 1 sales would be Tuesday 7th - Monday 13th in the example above.

Read all requirements @