Check your email...

After making a purchase from a Single-powered store you will receive an email with download links. Each link is valid for 3 downloads. After the download limit has been reached you will be prompted to contact our support team.

Note: Some Gmail users have reported finding their downloads in the new “Promotions” folder. Check there before contacting support.


Once the download has completed, locate the album file on your computer (this will most likely go into your Downloads folder if you don't choose a different destination). 

Note: albums are delivered as a Zip file that will need to be unzipped.  If you don't have the software for this we recommend WinZIP or 7-Zip

After unzipping the album file you should see a folder of all available songs - these can be added to, opened, or played with your preferred media player!

What about mobile?

Pick the device type you’re using for specific instructions.