Set and "forget"...

Simply set the Presale Date to the day you would like the Release to be available for pre-purchase.

Releases will be delivered automatically to fans at 12am EST on the Release Date and marked as fulfilled in the Shopify Admin.

If you would like to offer Instant Grat tracks with your pre-order simply set the Release Date for those tracks to the same day as the Pre-Order Date.


Notes about Release Dates, Pre-orders, & Delivery:

Album and Track products will be created in your Shopify Admin immediately and published based on the following criteria:

  • Releases with a past or same-day Release Date will be On Sale upon submission
  • Releases with a future Release Date will be published at 12am EST on that date
  • Presales will be published at 12am EST on the Presale Date and delivered automatically to fans on the Release Date