Yes! - Single can report sales to Nielsen SoundScan.

Digital Releases powered by Single are automatically reported and included in our per-track pricing.

Physical Release reporting is an optional subscription and requires tagging of existing products in your inventory. 

Digital & Physical sales are reported automatically at 11am EST for the prior day and subject to certain criteria by Billboard & Nielsen.

Example sales week. © Nielsen

Example sales week. © Nielsen


Brief overview of inclusion rules:

  • Albums priced below $3.49 during their first four weeks of release are excluded

  • Albums & EPs with 8 or less tracks are not eligible if the total price is less than the sum of the tracks, multiplied by $0.39

  • Physical Releases are reported upon fulfillment - not date of purchase. Simply mark the order as “fulfilled” in Shopify and our system will automatically report the sale the following day.

  • Digital Tracks priced below $0.39 during their first three months of release are not eligible

  • Physical Releases shipped between Tuesday and the following Monday will be counted in the new chart week. This represents the Friday-Thursday sales week, but makes an allowance for shipping time/receipt by customers. Week 1 sales would be Tuesday 7th - Monday 13th in the example above.

  • Digital-Only Attachments report when downloaded.

  • Bundles containing multiple releases cannot be reported as multiple sales. When creating your bundle, select which type (digital or physical) that you’d like to be reported.

  • Multiple Copies - If a fan purchases up to four copies of a record in the same order, each copy is reported as an official sale. Any purchase of five or more albums constitutes a bulk sale, and don’t count towards the Billboard charts.

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